We are an apolitical association.  The group avoids any political involvement, as many of our members are guests in this country.


Dues to join CLUB LAS AMIGAS, AC are collected annually at the first November meeting.  Membership dues are based on the amount of money each individual feels she is able to pay. (4/8/92)


The money collected from membership dues will be used for administrative purposes (4/8/92).  No monies membership dues will be used for social or recreational purposes within the group.  Projects that are presented can be initiated by a board vote if the cost is $100.00 or less (10/23/89).  Anything above that expense must be voted on by the general membership.  A two-thirds majority of members who are present at the general meeting, and whose dues are currently paid, is required to carry any vote involving monies and a simple majority of those members is required on other issues.


Soliciting of funds by members or others for non-officially designated purposes is not permitted.


All donated items, other than money, will be used for CLUB LAS AMIGAS AC projects at the discretion of the board.


There are no paid positions in CLUB LAS AMIGAS AC.  All board and committee members volunteer their time and energy.


CLUB LAS AMIGAS DE SAN FELIPE, AC Board of Directors consists of a Director  President, the  Past President, a Co- Director  Vice President, a Treasurer, two Secretaries a Secretary, The University Scholarship Committee, and The Secondary Scholarship Committee. (Recording and Corresponding) and two Hospitality Chairpersons.  The previous year’s Director  may also serve as an ex-officio board member (4/8/92).  A nominating committee to select candidates for the board will be appointed by the present board prior to the elections.  All board decisions must be carried by a two-thirds vote of total board membership.


The Director  President will chair the meetings; oversee the board and all committees.


The Director  Vice President will assist the Director  President and act as Director  President in the absence of the Director  President.


The Treasurer will be responsible for receiving and dispensing all monies and keeping a record thereof.  She will receive all membership dues, issuing a receipt to each member, and keep a membership record (1/24/96).  A treasurer’s report will be read at each board and general meeting and a copy of the report will be given to the Director  President.


The Recording Secretary will record minutes at the General meeting and report the minutes of the previous general meeting at each meeting (1/24/96).  A copy of the minutes will be given to the Director  President.


The Corresponding Secretary will handle all CLUB LAS AMIGAS AC correspondence, including but not limited to, sharing information with outside groups and members who are outside San Felipe, thank you notes for donations and contributions and notices for publication.


The Hospitality Chairpersons will be in charge of greeting members and guests.  They will attend community activities as representatives of CLUB LAS AMIGAS AC when possible (1/24/96).  One of these positions will be filled by a bilingual person, if possible, and the duties will include translating at meetings and functions.


Election of Board members will be held at the second meeting in March (2/24/93).  The term of office of the Board of Directors shall be for a period of two years which shall begin after the last May meeting with the gavel passing to the new Director President at that time (3/8/2000).





If any Board member (1/24/96) is unable to fulfill her obligations to CLUB LAS AMIGAS AC, she will be replaced at the board’s discretion.



(1/24/96)  General Meetings and Board Meetings will be held twice a month unless changed by a vote of the membership.  All meetings are open to everyone.  The treasury records and secretarial minutes are open to all members at all times.



Deleted (1/24/96)



A committee will be appointed by the Director  President at the first meeting in May to audit the Treasurer’s records prior to the second meeting in May, submitting a written report to the Director  President.



The Director  President and the Board will issue an annual report to the membership covering information of activities and audited treasurer’s report.  Each standing chairperson will submit a written report on the year’s activities to the Director  President at the first meeting in May (1/24/96).  Each chairperson of the fundraiser or other major event will also submit a written report to the Director  President within a month following the event (1/24/96). These will be incorporated into the annual report (1/24/96).



Committees to assist the Board on various projects will be appointed by the Director  President at appropriate times throughout the year.



Bylaws may be revised and updated and presented to the general membership for approval at any time.  The changes will be presented in writing at one meeting and voted on by the membership at the following meeting.  Accepted changes will be noted in the minutes and copies of the new bylaws will be issued within a month timely following approval (1/24/96).




Original 5/24/1989

Revisions 10/23/1989