Programs of 'Club Las Amigas'


The funds are generated from events and set aside to provide full scholarships to graduating high school students.  A committee evaluation process selects students who are high academic achievers and whose family finances would prevent them from attending college.  The money is set aside in a trust and guarantees a scholarship to each student.

To date, students have completed degrees in fields such as: Law, Education, Engineering, Business, Architecture, and Medicine.  Several of the graduating students have come back to San Felipe to pursue their careers.

Scholarship recipients are identified based on their need for financial support and their potential to succeed at the university level.  The process begins with a written application/portfolio from each child, which is verified and supplemented through a home visits.  The Club Las Amigas selection committee then reviews all information in April using a weighted voting form to assess:  financial need, academic success, community service, and special awards.


'Club Las Amigas' currently supports middle school students through our 'Secundaria' Committee by recruiting private sponsors.  Cost of sponsorship is $100 per year per student, and we ask for a 3 year commitment to get the student through middle school. These students could not attend school past 6th grade without our financial help.  They must pay for tuition, and winter / summer / gym uniforms, etc.  Many families just can't afford these costs for their children's continuing education.  In some cases, our $100 also helps with bus transportation or lunch tickets, depending on the needs of the students.  We choose students in need of financial help who truly want to continue their education and are willing to work at keeping an average or above average grade point. 


YOU can help us by donating to either the University or the Secundaria program.

Whether or not you can contribute the entire amount of a scholarship is not important. We collect donations until we have enough to offer a student a better life through education.


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