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'Club Las Amigas' is a U.S. and Mexico non-profit philanthropic organization that was formed in 1986. Located in Baja California, Mexico, San Felipe is considered a border town, a fishing village 120 miles south and part of the municipality of the large city of Mexicali.  It is composed of international women who are dedicated to helping the youth of San Felipe, Baja California, through education.  Private funding is necessary for continuing education beyond the 6th grade.  Individual student scholarships are funded via donations for families and students with financial needs.

Club Las Amigas' scholarships serve San Felipe students who are impoverished and  cannot attain university on their own.  They are from Mexican or Indian families,
most of whom do not have much education and who recognize the value of education for their children and their families.  These students excel in academics and study hard, many work after school and on weekends to help support their families.

This year 2017-18 San Felipe Club Las Amigas (SFCLA) began the season with a 

Welcome Back Get Together for members, family and friends at Parrots Cracker as 

an October-fest event.  In Nov. our Casino night was a great success at the Pavilion. 

On December 16th  the annual University Brunch was held at Baja Mar.  College 

students attended along with SFCLA members, sponsors and members of the 

community. Was a great way to hear from our current scholarship students. 

Following on Jan. 21st - Pizza Party Social for Secundaria at Technica & Jan. 28th for Amestad students. This year 168 middle school students received  benefits from private individual donations.  Funds for uniforms, shoes, meals, PTA and bus transportation were distributed to students selected by the school through an application process showing need and grades.

 Our Discover Baja event was held in January at the Pavilion.  Over 100+ persons attended with a lineup of two speakers giving presentations on their respective fields.  It was a 3 hour event filled with a wealth of information on Geology of Baja, plants & animals. It was a sell out crowd!

In February we had the 50's Dance which was well attended at the Pavillion.  The afternoon/evening event was a success with 'A BLAST FROM THE PAST' with 50's music, dancing the night away, raffles, contests and much more. Attendees commented on what a great time they had and they would see us again next year!

  Our Annual Luau event is scheduled for Sat. April 14th at La Palapa in El Dorado Ranch. Look for Posters  times and where to purchase tickets! Join us for great food, entertainment, raffles, music and exciting surprises. A must come for our final event till October of 2018. 

This year the calendar was a tremendous profit winner for the Club.  With 300 + calendars sold our net proceeds reached over $5000.00!

With the faithful and sometimes exhausting efforts of SFCLA, with our calendar year beginning in October 2017, It appears we will be able to send four new students to the University.  The selection will be held in March 21st at the Cobach High School.  

Congratulations to all members for a successful year 2017! 

Please visit our other pages for details about our scholarships and fundraising activities.

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