Rev up San Felipe's Learning! 

San Felipe 250 Racers!! We need your help keeping local kids in school!

Club Las Amigas is an educational non-profit that provides critical support to ensure children in San Felipe can continue in school and reach their fullest potential. Most children in San Felipe cannot afford to attend school past the sixth grade. This means that children start working at a young age and earn much lower wages. We believe that all children should be able to attend school and get a great education.

Since 1986, our organization has worked directly with the local public schools to ensure that children have the uniforms, bus money, nutritious school meals, and necessary school supplies to attend junior high school.

Racers, we need your help to ensure children in San Felipe who cannot afford school, get the financial help they need. Some of your biggest fans are the children of San Felipe.

Our goal is to raise the funds needed to ensure 25 of your young fans can stay in school for three years (grades 7-9) and graduate from secundaria (junior high).

Your gift of $125 fulfills a child's needs for one year of school and so much more. A gift of $375 will ensure a child can continue in school for three years and graduate. And I want you to know that your generosity will also support all the work of Las Amigas, providing a wide range of programs and support for children in San Felipe each year.

When you make your gift by March 17, we will send you a special racing sticker for your vehicle to show your support of the local children, as well as an exclusive opportunity to drive your race vehicle to one of the local schools and meet a select group of your young fans.

Thank you for showing the children of San Felipe just how much you care!

Club Las Amigas A.C.

P.O. Box 9011 PMB #45

Calexico, CA 92232

USA 501 (c)3 #98-0440465